About me

My adventure with languages started in primary school, when I learnt Russian and English. It came very easy to me and as my end-of-secondary education exams I took Polish, Russian and English! I was very lucky not to be required to take maths…

I started dreaming of becoming a translator in secondary school after my teacher talked about his friend – and interpreter – who was able to interpret the news simultaneously whilst it was read out on the radio. “What an incredible skill that is!”, I thought.

I went on to study Russian at the University of Warsaw and graduated with a distinction. But it wasn’t time to start my translation career. Not yet. It began three years after my arrival into the UK, and slowly, but surely it’s been gaining momentum ever since.

I am now a qualified and experienced translator and interpreter who holds a Diploma in Public Service Interpreting, an up-to-date enhanced DBS Certificate and has her name included in the National Register of Public Service Interpreters.

I have lived in the UK for 17 years now, so in order to ensure high quality services, I regularly read books and articles in my mother tongue, as well as listen to the radio and watch films, so that my Polish stays natural and up-to-date with its transformations.

I excel at projects which require accuracy, meticulous research skills and a translation that reads like the original text, particularly in the areas of Law, Health, Medicine and Psychology.

I am one those lucky professionals who love their job and can’t imagine their lives without it.